Berlin Pub & Restaurant is situated on Plot 40 Diswilmar in Muldersdif. The original outbuildings were used as a shebeen during the late 1980’s. The nearest bottle store at the time was approximately 7km away and local farm workers in the area was too pleased to pass by and stock up for the weekend with beer and wine.

Wolfgang and Barbara Hieckman the then owners of Zille Stube in Krugersdorp in 1995 called it a day, sold Zille and retired to the smallholding. Wolfgang on demand from visiting friends started to prepare Eisbein and related German food. The word spread and soon Barbara was hosting customers from far and wide. The outbuildings was extended to accommodate a pub big enough for 8 – 10 persons with three tables and was aptly named Berlin Pub & Restaurant in recognition of Wolfgang’s place of birth in Germany.  Customers soon learned that Barbara was a formidable force in the establishment and obeyed with a smile. A story is told that a customer on occasion complained that the baby chicken was raw. Barbara broke a leg of the chicken took a bite, declared the chicken cooked and instructed the customer to finish his meal. The customer apparently apologised and ate the chicken without ill effects.

Wolfgang and Barbara during 2000 decided to relocate to Knysna. The property was sold to Rudi who was engaged to Ricky Niemand at the time. Rud as he was fondly known by friends was killed six weeks later in an armed robbery at his factory in Ruimsig and Ricky was left to run Berlin Pub & Restaurant. The outside area was expanded and fishponds were dug. Ricky did a stirling job on her own to keeping the pub and restaurant operating.

Christo and Florence Oberholzer acquired the property in June 2008 with the objective to move the office of their business, National Air Pollution Assessment Services ( to the small holding.  Christo only after all formalities were completed realised that they have just bought a bar and restaurant. The learning curve was steep since they had no experience of running a restaurant but decided to operate it the way they would have liked to be treated when visiting a waterhole. The children, Freund and Suzette, were hauled in to manage Berlin and alterations commenced in February 2009. A complete new kitchen with bar was completed in June 2009. The bush pub today boasts seating for 150 persons in the tranquil garden which is cared for with love by Florence. The inside restaurant was extended to sit 60 persons at ease while a conference facility for 200 persons was established on the upper deck.

Indigenous trees are currently being planted to replace the invader trees and to provide ample shade during the summer months. A kids play area with jungle gym and jumping castle has been established at the one end of the garden. Seating for parents in close proximity is available. The parking area has been extended and upgraded to ensure customers are at ease of mind when visiting.